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STI testing checklist

Know exactly what you are getting tested for. It helps to have a checklist to review with your health care provider to determine which tests you need.

You can print off the checklist provided below (under Additional Resources) and bring it with you on your next visit to your health care provider.

Call ahead if you have questions about:

  • If you need to bring ID, such as BC driver’s license, BC ID or a student card.
  • If you need to bring you Medical Services Plan (BC Care Card) card or other health insurance.
  • Costs for visit and testing if you do not have BC Medical Services Plan coverage.

Things your health care provider may ask you about:

Your health care provider may ask you some personal questions about your sexual history. Answer as honestly as you can, and all of the information you give is confidential. The information you tell your health provider will help determine what tests and treatments are best for you. You don’t have to share any information you do not want to. You can also refuse any questions, tests or treatment.

  • Sexual history: Be prepared to talk about sex partners, sexual activities and whether or not protection was used.
  • Symptoms: If you have any, write down what you notice, when it started, and how long it has been happening.
  • Kinds of sex you are having: this will determine the tests you need.
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