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Partner notification

If you have an STI, it is important that your sexual partners get tested and treated. Anyone you have had oral, anal, or genital sex with may have the same STI. They may unknowingly pass it on to another person, or it can develop into more serious health problems if left untreated.

If you have a reportable STI, a health care provider will ask you about your sexual partners, and sometimes the people you share drug-equipment with. If you want, a public health nurse can work with you to plan how you will talk to partners. Some people prefer to tell partners in person, others prefer to tell partners anonymously.

Ways to let partners know to get tested for STIs

  1. Tell your partner in person. It can help if you prepare for this conversation and get some ideas for things you can say.
  2. Tell your partner with a health care provider present. Make an appointment for both of you together. Your health care provider can help answer any questions that you or your partner might have.
  3. Have a health care provider tell your partner for you. Either your health provider or a public health nurse will contact your partner. This person will tell your partner they have been exposed to an STI and need to get tested. Your name will not be mentioned.

Some reasons why your partners might want to get tested

  • To avoid passing the infection back to you
  • To keep from passing the infection on to others
  • To avoid long-term health problems
  • To have the chance to take care of their sexual health



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