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What are the risks for a man on the following: oral sex with a condom including ball licking; rubbing penis between butt cheeks using a condom, like russian but behind; finding a bit of blood from her on my pubes after covered intercourse (I washed immediately); covered anal intercourse. On covered vaginal sex, how high are the chances to get herpes, syphilis or chlamydia if I never seen open sores on the ladies I' ve seen. Thanks!


It's great that you have been using condoms. When they are used correctly and they don’t break or fall off they offer good protection for many STIs.

There are some STIs, including warts, syphilis and herpes that are passed through skin to skin contact. Since condoms do not cover all skin areas, it is possible for these STIS to be passed with Russian (from behind) and ball licking.

Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and HIV are not passed with covered oral sex. Warts (HPV), herpes and syphilis are not commonly passed this way.

Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and HIV are not commonly passed with covered vaginal or anal sex. It is possible to pass warts, herpes and syphilis this way.

Viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C, could be passed when blood comes in contact with mucous membrane (rectum, urethra, vagina), open skin or sores. Blood contact with unbroken skin is not considered a risk for HIV or Hepatitis B and C. It was a good idea to wash the blood off right away.

Many times people have no symptoms, so not seeing sores does not always mean a person does not have an STI.

If you are not getting routine testing, it may be a good idea to get tested. Check out our clinic finder for a STI clinic in BC. 

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This answer was posted on September 25, 2012

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