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So my boyfriend has HSV 1 orally and I have genital HSV 1 and I was wondering if we had unprotected sex if it could trigger an outbreak? Or if because he has HSV 1 orally he could not preform oral sex on me any more. My last question is, is there anything we could do to eachother that would accudentally trigger an outbreak that we should look out for?


Thanks for writing.

If you both have HSV-1, then you cannot pass it to each other.

Once a person has been exposed to HSV-1, their body will create “antibodies” for HSV-1, which will protect that person from getting it again.

So, since you are your partner both have the same strain, you are protected from getting it/giving it.

In short: you will not trigger an outbreak, and there is no reason to think you can pass HSV-1 between each other. He can give you oral without worrying about passing HSV-1 to you, or getting HSV-1 from you! We wouldn't recommend worrying about this or having to "look out for" anything!

Hope this helps. Please feel free to submit another question if needed.

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on April 30, 2018

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