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My boyfriend who I’ve been dating for 5 months gave me genital HSV 1. I’m now scared to let him preform oral sex on me again because I worry it will cause an outbreak. Is it safe for him to preform oral sex on me if we both don’t or haven’t had any outbreaks in awhile? Will it cause one? Thanks


Thanks for writing. HSV can be confusing for lots of people, and it can feel scary too!

If you both have HSV-1, then you cannot pass it to each other.

Once a person has been exposed to HSV-1, their body will create “antibodies” for HSV-1, which will protect that person from getting it again.

So, since you've been exposed to HSV-1, he cannot give it to you again. And having more oral sex won't increase the chance of having another outbreak.

Regarding outbreaks: It's normal that we see outbreaks after the first time someone is exposed. After that, most people don't get ongoing outbreaks. If someone does get an outbreak, it has to do with their own immune system and health ( and not becuase they were re-exposed to HSV). When people are healthy their body can keep the virus suppressed (meaning no outbreak), but when someone gets sick they can have outbreaks. 

If both of you have the same stain (HSV-1) you cannot give it to each other again.

You can only give someone HSV-1 if they have never had it. Having oral sex won't trigger another outbreak.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to submit another question if needed.

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on June 6, 2018

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