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If I had no symptoms 8 weeks after my one time exposure, is there any risk of herpes and HPV with receiving oral sex. Should I test for them? Because of my high anxiety I wanna know. My last test was at HIM Vancouver clinic. Is it a good clinic, and are they good in this way?


The BC Centre for Disease Control nurses who work at HIM clinic specialize in HIV/STI testing and treatment. It is a reliable clinic to go to for testing.

The incubation period (the time it takes for something to show up after contact) for herpes is usually 2 - 20 days, with the average time being 6 days. We  most often test for herpes by taking a swab from a sore. Since you have not noticed any signs of herpes, and it is more than 20 days after the oral sex, you do not need to test for herpes at this time.

HPV can take from 1 - 8 months to show up. We usually diagnose genital warts by asking about symptoms and looking at the warts. Since you have not noticed any warts, there is no test we would do right now to tcheck for oral HPV.

You can check out our "STI's at a Glance" if you want to learn more about incubation times and when to get tested.

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This answer was posted on November 19, 2012

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