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I just found out I have HPV, how will my male partner be tested if he has no physical signs (such as genital warts)? Will the virus stay in my system for ever or can it go away over time?


In men, we mostly diagnose HPV, when we see the warts. If we don't see them, we don't test for HPV on the skin.

We do know that about 90% of people will "clear" the virus within 2 years. That may mean that the virus is completely cleared from your body, or it may mean that the wart virus stays in the cells, but is dormant.  The warts may never show up again, but they can also return at some future time.

Pregnancy and some illnesses can cause HPV to return, but sometimes they come back  for no obvious reason.

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This answer was posted on October 9, 2012

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