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how long should i wait until getting tested after having sexual intercourse with a questionable partner, in order to have the most accurate results ? as well how long should i wait until i have sex again with another partner / how long is the average time to get the results back from the tests. Thanks


How long it takes between contact and when you can get an accurate test is different for each infection.
Probably the best way to find that out is to check out our charts called Types of STIs charts. Look at the column that tells you about window periods. That will give you an idea about when is the best time to get tested. If you are concerned about an STI, uou might want to wait until you can be accurately tested before having sex with another partner. If you do have sex, it would be a good idea to use a condom or a barrier.

The time it takes for results to come will vary a bit with where you were tested in BC and what test was being done.

Generally STI test results come back within a week. When you get testing, check with the healthcare provider about when your results will be ready.

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This answer was posted on December 10, 2013

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