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Hi I ordered two orasure oral hiv tests, two icare hive rapid tests and i also ordered four the geodesic meditech hiv rapid tests from another website. Can you tell me if these tests are any good for testing? When they arrive it will be 7 weeks since my hiv risky exposure which happened when a condom broke. How accurate are these home tests i ordered at 7 weeks post exposure? and how many people have you seen test positive after a 7 week negative? im going to try a orasure test next week along with a rapid test. then test every 2 weeks with the other tests. i have been checking my oral temperature with a electronic gauge and my readings have been between 97.7 to 98.5 degrees so no fever but my glands in neck feel like they might be tenderish and also my groin area is slightly sore abit. but not other symptoms yet. very worried and just spent almost $400 dollars on these test on my credit card cause im low on money right now im freaking out. thanks for your help health nurses. and also the street worker that i had this incident with tested hiv negative with a rapid test in the surrey clinic i called the clinic and they told me she was came back negative. but i think its still high risk as she was only 2 weeks negative which means she could still not have seroconverted?


It sounds like you are really worried. Keep in mind that that if you do get symptoms of early HIV infection (seroconversion illness) they usually happen about two to four weeks after you come in contact with HIV. You are almost 7 weeks past the time you had sex.

I can't tell you how accurate the tests you ordered are, because they have not been approved for use in Canada. I don't know if they were studied and not approved, or if they were never studied. 

In Canada, the INSTI Rapid HIV test is the only test licensed for use in healthcare settings, and is the only one used in Vancouver clinics. You cannot buy this test online, so you would need to go to a clinic to get the INSTI test done.

The HIV tests we use are 95% accurate at 6 weeks. There is a small possibility (5%) that the test result will change between 6 weeks and 3 months.

It is true that the test your sexual partner had may have been done too early to be accurate. It takes time for antibodies to show up in the blood and be found with HIV testing.  With the HIV rapid test, the virus is usually found in the blood within 6 weeks, but it can take up to 3 months. The only way you can know is to get tested yourself.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on March 21, 2013

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