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Hi dear nurses and doctors, I’m 19 years old and last night I was on the club and I was kissing with this girl (French kiss or deep kiss) and then I realized I had some old canker sores 2 from bites and one because my wisdom tooth is coming out, besides that last week my dentist told me my mouth was in good condition, anyways I don’t recall having active bleeding especially on the lips because they are almost healed, is there a risk of getting hiv, we did not had any kind of sexual relations, and I just keep reading mixed opinions thanks


Thanks for writing.

We do not see HIV passed through french kissing (or deep kissing). HIV is not passed through saliva.

HIV can be passed through blood, but when blood is in the mouth it becomes so diluted with the saliva that it would not be passed.

You are not at risk for HIV from deep kissing, even with canker sores.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to submit another question as needed.

Health Nurse


This answer was posted on August 13, 2018

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